sábado, 18 de enero de 2014


This year we are going to work new competences of our students such as working cooperatively and autonomously as well as the digital competence. So to improve them, we have proposed our students of 3rd of ESO a project based on different aspects :
For example, in the English subject, they are going to work biographies of famous people who are originally from their village, that is, Nerja, Frigiliana and  Maro or related to these villages. They will also work about the main festival of these places.
In the Pe subject they will work about the sport facilities that exist in the different villages, again related to their environment and village.
Doing it we try to make them more autonomous using the flipped classroom, that is, they have been presented the main aspects of the project and in an autonomous way they will work in the different projects in groups.
The results have been very entertainig videos where our students have proved once more how brilliant they are. Here you have the different projects of the English and PE subjects.
These are the links to the projects

Jorge Bucae

Antonio Cortés

Paquillo Fernández

Frigiliana´s Pilgrimage

Saint Isidro

Fair of Frigiliana and Pilgrimage of Saint Antonio

Fair of  Nerja

Nerja´s Cave Discoverers

viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2012

Saint Valentine's Day

Saint  Valentine's day is a comercial tradition that had its romantic origin in the saint that gives his name to this event. Many people think that they do not need a special date to show their love to the person they  love. Everyday then should be Saint Valentine's Day if you really love someone. 


If you really want to know more about the origins of this especial day, click here


This is an Anglo-american tradition that is spreading throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Trick or Treat is becoming more and more frecuent in Spain the 31st of october.


The students must work on the following link some activities related to this topic: click here

Christmas Time

Christmas is one of the most popular events in the year as we usually meet with our most dearest relatives and our family and dearest friends.


 http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_FNmmtxnboUU/TPOtrUn0baI/AAAAAAAAECY/wWJGLJEScXU/s1600/Feliz+navidad.jpgTo read more information about Christmas in Britain and work on several activities, click here